Ovation Accs. – USB Webcam


Ovation USB Webcam is equip with Full HD 720p/1080p camera and built-in microphone making it perfect accessory for online video chat or conference call. It can easily clip on top of slim desktop monitor or on a laptop, or can stand on its own with its swivel base.  Online or offline, the Ovation USB Webcam can be use as a regular camera for still or video recording.



OVATION WEBCAM FULL HD 720P / 1080P with Mic
* Wide Angle Lens
* Built-In Microphone
* Auto White Balance
* Full HD 720P and 1080P Variant
* Great for Online Video Chat and Conference Call
* Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X
* USB interface Plug-and-Play

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XZP-01AA, XZP-05A, XZP-06A


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