The OVATION brand was established since 2013.  It all started when a group of people realizes that as technology advances, the cost of integrating, updating  and maintaining computer hardware peripherals and accessories are just too high – a pure set back from going forward.

Because of this, the company came up with OVATION products.  Backed by Singaporean’s way of quality and support, OVATION guarantees that the quality of its products are at par with that from internationally known brands but at a more affordable price range.

OVATION line of products create a proof of a pure alternative solution to computer integrator, hobbyist and enthusiasts. 

From computer processors to speakers, from gaming desktop case down to its colorful panels and cooling fans, from storage devices to memory modules, from monitors to mouse and keyboards and many more, OVATION never stops providing what the community is looking for.

We exists because we want to create an alternative solution to every computing needs of our supporters – the Ovation Republic


Our vision is to continue the legacy of what OVATION is known to be - providing affordable products without compromising quality

The Alternative

Creating new trends in the world of computer and technology; paving a road map that parallels those of expensive brand names


Providing answers to hard earned money; ensure its users to products that are worth every penny spent


Listens to the wants and needs of our ever growing uses and supporters creating a community of its own